4th of July Cupcakes

I am still in Croatia and it is just another regular day here, but I am not one for skipping holidays, no matter where on earth you are :)
Some celebratory 4th of July cupcakes, vanilla on vanilla, with waaay to much food coloring :)))

Happy Independence Day everyone! :)



  1. What was used for the 'white'/frosting part of the red/white/blue cupcakes with the strawberries?

  2. @amystubbs - hi, sorry for such a late response, it's been a crazy house here for the past few months. The white part of the frosting is just some buttercream frosting with no food coloring and mixed with whipped cream!

    1. Can you pleaae share the recipe for the frosting. How much batter do you put in the cupcames to make them all so even and uniform