Chocolate Macarons

This re-post is something I hope will inspire me to try and make these adorable cookies again. I've been going through my blog a lot lately, sometimes thinking it isn't nearly good enough and maybe I should just stop doing this, sometimes thinking "wow! I made all this!?".
I've been thinking hard why I haven't been cooking as much in the past few months and I realized instantly that one of the biggest reasons is that I just don't have all of my kitchen stuff readily available, I have no clue where my little extras like napkins, and forks and spoons I like to use in photos are. How did I manage to loose that box!? No idea. And I have a ton so I didn't want to go and spend all that money again because I know that I will find my stuff soon enough. But that is not even all of it. I've had warranty people going through the house at least once or twice a week for the last two months and the crew for the basement has been working as well. Dust is everywhere. I am about to go crazy.

So I see the light at the end of the tunnel but I need inspiration. So a few re-posts perhaps until I pull myself together?
I thought it would be fun to do something like Julie and Julia Blog project. Get a cookbook and follow it for a year or something. If would be a fun assignment...

For these beautiful little cookies I followed a recipe from Pastry Pal Blog. This is the only recipe I personally had success with, so I stick with it. I will not copy the recipe here because Irina from Pastry Pal has a wonderful downloadable one, so please go over there and get it! I was very intimidated by macarons before I found her recipe. What I will do is post some of my pictures that I took while making a batch of chocolate macarons. I have since made other flavors and pistachio is my all time favorite!


  1. Hey, Thanks for these beautiful macarons!
    by the way I've checked the PastryPal for downloading the recipe, but I think it doen't work anymore. Can you upload the pdf here please... by any chance... :)